Growth tools


Psalms Reading Plan
A 30-Day reading plan through the Psalms. View Here
COMA Method
Whether you are brand new to reading your Bible or you have been reading it for decades, we hope this tool blesses your time with the Lord. View Here
Politics & The Gospel
As a Church, from time to time, we want to speak into our cultural moment with helpful guides to help you navigate our lives through the Gospel in a meaningful and impactful way here on earth. View Here
5-Minute Meditation On Our Future Glorification
A tool aimed toward helping you take a step towards “fixing your eyes” on that which is unseen; our future glorious home with Christ. View Here
Marking Out Your Story
An exercise to know your story, share your story, and praise the God of your story. View Here
The Gospel Dance
The Gospel Dance is a three step dance, a tool that we can use in learning how to spiritually feed on Christ. View Here
Praying For Your Unbelieving Friends
One of the most loving things you can do. View Here


6 Needed Shifts for Reaching the Next Generation
G'Joe Joseph - January 9, 2019
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Evangelism Is Not a Solo Sport
G'Joe Joseph - July 2, 2019
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Find Your Tribe. Avoid Tribalism.
G'Joe Joseph - May 9, 2022
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Evangelistic Methods Change. Jesus Doesn’t.
G'Joe Joseph - June 21, 2022
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Aimee Joseph
Read hundreds of "Poems & Ponderings" from our very own, Aimee Joseph. View Here