Four indispensable insights from the book of Jonah

Oct 30, 2022    G'Joe Joseph

For many of us who grew up in the church , there are four insights that you miss, you miss the impact of this book. For all, you will find these refreshing pointers to the God of grace and his relentless love for a rebellious people.

1 - Sin isn't what we think it - what good ships / bad ships do you get on to run from the presence of the LORD?
2 - Obedience isn't what we think it - What command to obey have you made a prerequisite to come to Jesus?
3 - Cities aren't what we think they are - Who do you struggle to love the most (What people group or persons)?
4 - The Hero isn't who we think He is - is the cross where you go to be reminded of God’s love for you?